10 Toaster Oven Cooking Hacks You Need to Know

Did you know that the first toaster oven was invented in 1910? Things have come a long way since then! In fact, what was once considered a luxury is now a standard household item. An average of 7.9 million toaster ovens are sold every year! Even if you’ve selected one of the top models on the market, you still may not be aware of all the amazing things your new oven can do!

In this post, we’re sharing with you our 10 favorite toaster oven cooking hacks! Take any dish to the next level with these awesome ideas.

  1. Use It As A Crisper

Let’s be honest: we’ve all spent more time than we’d care to admit dreaming about bacon.  But cooking it often feels like a chore. It’s either burned in your microwave or causes grease to get everywhere on your stovetop.

Instead, lay out a few strips in your toasting oven. It’s so easy, you’ll finally be able to have bacon every morning!  Strips of bacon are perfect on their own, or you can put the bacon on top of your favorite piece of toast for a killer BLT.

  1. Make A Melt

We know you hate melting cheese in your microwave, and if you’re toasting bread, you can’t exactly put a piece of cheese in a slice toaster.  But in a toasting oven, you can! Make a cheese melt sandwich, nachos, or anything cheesy your heart desires. Think bubbling, melting cheddar that’s perfectly brown on top…

Our mouths are watering already.

  1. Reheat Your Leftovers

If you can’t take one more day of soggy leftovers heated in your microwave, toaster ovens are the perfect alternative.  They make your food taste just as good – and as fresh/crispy – as it did the night before!

Best of all?

They’ll even work for reheating pizza.  There’s no reason to throw out perfectly good food anymore. Especially if it’s pizza.

  1. Warm Up Cookies

Is there anything better than a warm chocolate chip cookie?  The answer is clearly no.  For that just-out-of-the-oven taste, pop a cookie in your new oven for about a minute.  Enjoy the melted goodness, and serve with a glass of milk. You’re already eating a cookie. Why not get the complete experience?

  1. Egg-cellent Creations

Eggs are healthy and tasty – but they can be a pain to cook in a pan. You’ve got to heat up the oil in a pan, deal with getting splattered (ouch!) then clean the pan. (Or put off cleaning the pan, really.)

Instead, just crack some eggs on an English muffin (even top with a piece of your favorite cheese!) and set them in your toaster oven for about 5 minutes.

No more going to the deli for your egg and cheese sandwich every morning. This isn’t just a great way to eat healthier; it will also save you some cash!

  1. Bring Granola Back To Life

If your granola is close to its end, or if you just have a little bit left in the box, your new oven can make it good as new!

All it takes is about two minutes in your toaster oven, uncovered.

Now, you have the perfect mid-morning snack or energy booster for your next hike.

  1. Go For A Potato

Nobody likes waiting for what feels like years for a potato to finish cooking in their ovens.  But potatoes are the perfect side dish, or, loaded with your favorite toppings, an easy main course! Toss a few in your toaster oven and you’ll have an easy and delicious meal before you know it!

Want something even better? Cut a potato open and toss in a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits. Loaded baked potato, ready to go when you are!

  1. Defroster

If you’re into frozen meals, we know you’re probably sick of the uneven heating of your microwave.  But, you can’t be bothered to deal with your oven, either. The solution?  Pop whatever you need to be defrosted and cooked in your toaster oven instead.

We highly recommend tater tots, because the oven will give them a serious crunch!

  1. Kale Chips

Kale is still the hottest vegetable on the market. And why shouldn’t it be? A single cup of kale as 204% of your daily vitamin A needs. Still, we get that sometimes, you can’t handle yet another kale salad.

Switch it up by making kale chips! Drizzle a little olive oil and sea salt over kale leafs in the toaster tray. Leave in for about 10 minutes at about 250 degrees, and enjoy!

If you really want to get fancy, you can also try flavoring your kale chips with different salts and seasonings. We love a little onion powder, as well!

  1. Roasted Nuts

Whether you’re looking for a crunchy alternative to croutons or just want to upgrade your movie night snacks, you can easily make roasted nuts in your awesome oven.

Just place whatever nut you like (we love pecans) on the tray and cover them with aluminum foil for about 7 minutes.  Eat them on their own, or use them on top of a delicious cake you’ve baked (or bought.)

Looking for a breakfast treat? Try this awesome waffle recipe, and sprinkle some toasted nuts on top!

Cook Anything With These 10 Toaster Oven Hacks!

You don’t have to be a master chef – or spend thousands on kitchen equipment – to cook like one!

Thanks to these awesome hacks, you’ll be able to upgrade your meals and seriously impress your friends.

Whether you’re creating a complete meal in your oven, or if you’re just coming up with ways to take your dinner to the next level, we suggest you try all these hacks!

We’d love to see what you come up with.

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