Samsung MS11K3000AS

The Samsung MS11K3000AS is both beautiful and functional.  If you want to buy a sleek, versatile microwave that can accommodate all of your needs, look no further. 

The microwave has ten different power levels and can also be placed in eco mode to save energy when you’re not using it. 

No more burning your tongue on food that’s too hot — if you’ve accidentally added too much time, the sensor cooking feature will adjust the time for you.  Vapor-sensing technology knows how hot your food is.  This is certainly one of the more sophisticated microwaves on the market!  


There’s a lot to love about the Samsung MS11K3000AS.  Here were some of our favorite features:




So how does this compare to other microwaves?

First, it’s one of the cheaper options that Samsung offers.  Their other countertop microwaves range in price from $165 to as high as $443 (and Amazon usually has it for less so be sure to click on “Check the Current Price” above).

If you’re not loyal to Samsung and want to look at other brands, the Samsung MS11K3000AS still holds up. 

The GE JEM3072SHSS, for example, is priced similarly at $140.  However, it only has 700 watts of power vs. the Samsung’s 1000.  It also doesn’t offer sensor cooking.

And with the cheaper Whirlpool WMC10007AW ($119), you continue to miss out on a lot of great features — no sensor cooking, lower power, and harder to clean. 

For us, the Samsung MS11K3000AS is a clear winner. 

Samsung MS11K3000AS Verdict

We recommend the Samsung MS11K3000AS to anyone looking for a microwave that is easy to use, performs well, looks great on the countertop, and offers a variety of unique features. 

For everything that it offers, the Samsung is an inexpensive purchase.  You get a lot for the $150 sticker price, and, as mentioned before, you can likely even find it on some sites for cheaper.

We love a lot of its features, but the sensor cooking and eco modes stand out the most. 

Although the inability to see your food is a downside, the sensor cooking mode makes up for it.  Since you don’t have to watch your food like a hawk, being unable to see inside the microwave isn’t such a big deal.

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