Toaster Oven Buying Guide: Things to Remember

Do some of your friends have toaster ovens? Have they tried convincing you into purchasing one of your own?

Toaster ovens are economically better for your kitchen and they are also very good in crisping, roasting, baking and cooking your meals. The parts of the toaster oven are honed for toasting the food while preserving not only the quality but also the juiciness of the meals. In addition, a lot of meals can be cooked here too.

If you would like to know what features you should look for in a toaster oven or the type of toaster oven most people love, reading this guide will help you out. This article will be about the things you need to remember when purchasing your own toaster oven. You certainly want the best toaster oven for cooking your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts. Therefore, make sure to pay special attention to these features:

1. Your toaster oven should boast a good amount of presets. Presets are a set of instructions or rules already placed in an equipment or application. Essentially, they have been placed there for the convenience of the user. In the toaster oven’s case, the presets enable the owner to press buttons that immediately cook the food without having to adjust the temperature and time. For example, if you want to have your potatoes cooked, you can press a potatoe preset button. There are other presets available, but you’ll have to choose the most efficient one for you. Choose the ones that will be used regularly for your cooking.

2. Noticeable Alerts. Some alerts are too sound reduced for you to hear the beep. It is advised to choose the toaster oven with loud enough beeps for you to hear when you’re in the dining area. However, this doesn’t mean the beep should be the loudest sound in your kitchen.

3. When purchasing toaster ovens, make sure that the instructions and the buttons can be readable for you. There are fancy toaster ovens, but it’s still a good choice to choose the ones that are easy to handle. The controls and buttons are direct in telling what their functions are. Having complex controls and buttons can take up your cooking time.

4. Nonstick Interior. Having a non-stick interior for the toaster oven is advisable because the cleaning process is easier.

5. Having an auto-eject rack is also very important for a toaster oven you’re buying. When the oven door is opened, the rack immediately pushes out its half part, making it easier for you to remove the food out. And when you place the food to cook, you wouldn’t have to slip your hands inside the toaster oven. However, these features are present on more expensive models of toaster ovens.

6. Crumb Tray. When looking for toaster ovens, look for crumb trays that are removable and easily accessible. You can take out the crumbs without any hassle. And tray can be washed and cleaned after use because you can take it out.

7. Automatic Shut-off. Now, this is a very good feature. It reduces and avoids any risks of accidental fires. Safety is always the first priority, so definitely look for toaster ovens with this feature. If you’re busy with other stuff, like work, you can be assured that the toaster oven will shut down by itself. Most toaster ovens turn off after 30 to 60 minutes.

8. For your choice of toaster ovens, look for the accessories included. Most toaster ovens have added stuff like drip pan and baking rack. These are some stuff that are included in your toaster oven’s accessories and fit the toaster oven precisely. If the toaster oven you’ve chosen doesn’t have accessories, when you purchase some stuff individually, make sure that the size fits.

To be able to purchase the best toaster oven fit for your needs, you have to know the things you want and need. Listed below are questions that will serve as your guide in purchasing your toaster oven.

How much space does your counter have?

Having a definite measurement of your counter top is important not only for this occasion but for others as well. Toaster ovens vary in sizes. You should know the space you have available on your counter top or under cabinet to have a line of limitation for the size of the toaster oven you will be purchasing. This way you could also estimate the extra space left for the ventilation of the toaster oven. It’s best to measure the counter before purchasing anything.

What are you planning to cook?

With all the sizes and functions of toaster ovens, you’re bound to be left confused. It’s best to be sure of the possible meals you will be making with the toaster oven. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to cooking options but you’ll have to narrow it down to the most frequent ones, the ones you enjoy cooking, and the ones you’re planning to cook. By doing so, you can purchase the toaster oven a lot easier, with less troubles.

How much capacity are you going to need?

This is in line with the second question. Now that you’ve decided the meals you want to prepare using the toaster oven, you’ll have to take in mind the size of the meal. How big will your toaster oven be? For a big family, having a larger toaster oven may be a good choice. For a family with two to three members, a smaller toaster oven can be okay. For beef and chicken roasts, a larger one should be an option.

So there you have it – your ultimate toaster oven buying guide that will help you make the best decision.  Ready to buy? Click here to read our toaster oven reviews!

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