Balmuda Japanese Steam Toaster Oven

Product Name:Balmuda Japanese Steam Toaster Oven
Dimensions (WxDxH):14.1 x 12.6 x 8.2
Capacity (Slices):2
Balmuda Japanese Steam Toaster Oven
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Would you believe there’s a Japanese toaster that’s taken Asia by storm? The Balmuda steam toaster oven made its mark on the culinary world after being introduced in 2015. It averages sales of about 10,000 units a month, creating a massive backlog. The demand doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either.

Curious about what makes this toaster a top dog? We’ve got some info on how Balmuda is changing the way we toast our bread.

Balmuda Japanese Toaster

The Balmuda Japanese toaster is unique in that it ensures your bread is crispy on the outside but nice and fluffy on the inside. Ever wanted that perfect, hot slice of toast, but had to settle for the flat, crunchy, slightly burnt bread from your personal toaster?

With this toaster, the days of subpar toast are a thing of the past. And it doesn’t just work for bread!

The Balmuda Japanese toaster is appropriate for regular bread, croissants, waffles – anything you can put in a toaster oven, this toaster can take to the next perfect, fluffy level.


The Balmuda toaster was developed by Gen Terao. Savvy readers may recognize him as the former frontman of Japanese rock band the Beach Fighters, but Terao is also founder and president of the Japanese appliance company, Balmuda.

The origins of this toaster are actually a bit clandestine. One day, during a barbecue on a rainy day, Terao discovered that the humidity outside was actually working to enhance the quality of the toast.

This was in 2014, and Terao and Balmuda wasted no time in beginning development on the toaster.

How it works

The Balmuda Japanese toaster actually functions very simply without dropping efficiency – and we wouldn’t expect anything else when it comes to Japanese tech!

In the box, you’ll find the toaster along with an included cup. Using this cup, you’ll measure out the proper amount of water and pour it into a small opening at the top of the toaster.

From there, the toaster takes control. That tiny amount of water is enough to create an appropriate amount of steam, allowing your toast to reach its full potential.

The steam actually works by trapping moisture inside the bread. This leads to the outside keeping that delicious crispiness while the inside remains light and fluffy.

The Balmuda Japanese toaster also doesn’t stay at one temperature throughout the process. Toward the end of the baking process, the toaster cranks up the heat.

While you may worry this will burn your bread, don’t! This only ensures that your food comes out with that delectable crispy crust that you crave.

It’s recommended that you heat your bread until it takes on “the color of a fox,” which is a unique and creative way of saying “golden brown.” Little sparks of whimsy like this are what make the Balmuda toaster great: the branding and the function are almost out of a fairy tale.

The great thing about the Balmuda Japanese toaster is that it isn’t loaded down with features. While American appliances may come with a ton of customization options and more buttons than you’ll ever be able to press, this toaster is effective in its simplicity.

That was actually a conscious decision. Hiromi Yamaguchi has stated that the public is embracing appliances that do one task perfectly. Loading an appliance down with features can compromise the results, making you unhappy.

However, that’s not to say that the Balmuda toaster isn’t without its customization options. While making bakery-level toast is the name of the game, Balmuda is very much aware that the various different kinds of toast matter.

For instance, selecting the “cheese toast” option will concentrate the heat toward the top of your slice, giving you a nice crispy-but-melty layer for your bread.

What about other uses? The Balmuda Japanese toaster can be a godsend when it comes to revitalizing stale bread. The steam technology combined with the blasting heat means that you can bring your stale food back to its fresh, fluffy state.

Just remember that you may need a voltage conversion transformer since this is a Japanese product and it may not work in your electrical socket.  Also, the instructions are in Japanese.


So, of course, it claims to make great bread. But how does it actually hold up?

The answer: Perfectly.

The Balmuda toaster delivers delicious bread on the level of a bakery, with so much simplicity and convenience. Instead of taking a hike to your neighborhood bakery, you can get the same effect right in your own kitchen.

When compared to other toasters, you’ll find that the Balmuda gives your bread a touch more softness and chewiness, even if it does take a smidge longer to cook your bread. It will also cook your bread more evenly, giving it that subtle, perfect touch.

How to get it

The Balmuda toaster costs roughly $230.00 at the current yen-dollar exchange rate, but we’ve got some bad news: While Balmuda has recently cracked the South Korean market with this magical toaster, the company has no plans to release it in the United States.

Before you rush right out to purchase your own model and wait patiently for it to pass through customs, there’s one other unfortunate fact you need to know:

There’s a wait list. A long one.

How long? About three months.

The amazing thing is that this occurred without Balmuda taking out any advertising. The demand for perfectly-prepared toast is out there, so it’s only a matter of time before knock off products start appearing on shelves.

Of course there is an alternative way to purchase this without flying to South Korea, on Amazon, but, you will likely be paying a higher price as it will be from a third party seller. However, for the uniqueness and results that the Balmuda toaster produces, it could very well be worth it.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to produce bakery-level treats without spending a ton of money, the Balmuda Japanese toaster is possibly a fantastic investment.

It seems like over 10k people per month agree with this statement, creating insane demand for this toaster. If you’re willing to put in the wait in hopes it eventually makes its way over to the United States, your rewards could be great. If not, you’ll have to deal with plain old flat toast, unless you purchase from a third party on Amazon or another site.

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