BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Product Name:BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven
Dimensions (WxDxH):14.5 x 10.8 x 8.8
Capacity (Slices):4
BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven
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You can get a number of toaster ovens in the market today, but only a few come in brand names that you can truly trust. Black and Decker is one such brand. An American manufacturer known for quality products in hardware, home improvement, power tools, accessories, and many more, Black and Decker toaster ovens are just another extension that give you solutions for your home and kitchen.

Product Features

The Black+Decker TO1313SBD 4 Slice Toaster Ovenis one of the best that you can get when it comes to compact toaster ovens that easily fit into your kitchen. Some of its best product features include:

  •  Small enough for your countertop
    • Measuring 16.4 x 11.3 x 9.4 inches and weighing 8.3 pounds, this compact toaster oven was made with your countertop in mind. Black+Decker knows that not everyone has a lot of space to spare, and most kitchens are already crowded as it is. With its compact size, you can easily fit this toaster oven in your countertop, but its curved interior makes sure that you have enough room for 4 slices of toast and an entire 9-inch pizza.
  • EvenToast technology
  • This oven was designed with enough room, so you can toast 4 slices of bread at a time. With its consistent EvenToast technology, you can be assured that those 4 slices of bread will be toasted to perfection.
  • 4 Pre-Set functions 
    • Another great thing about this oven is that you don’t have to figure out which temperature settings work best for whatever it is you plan to prepare. That’s because it has 4 functions that have been pre-set, and all you need to do is pick. These functions include toasting, broiling, baking, and keeping food warm, all the way to 450°F.
  • Precise toast settings
  • While there are 4 pre-set functions, you’re not limited to these, and you can still pick your own toast settings. The great thing about the timer is that these settings are as precise as can be, with a special stay-on functionality.


Those who already have this in their kitchens are quite satisfied with how effective this product has turned out to be. Some of its biggest benefits include:

  • Cleaning is easy 
    • Cleaning often becomes a problem for toaster ovens, because some are just plain difficult to maintain. With this one however, cleaning is made really easy because you have a crumb tray that’s completely removable. This means you can take out the tray anytime you want and remove all the crumbs and excess food that has fallen into it.
  • Large and durable glass window
  • This comes with a durable glass window that’s not only there for aesthetic purposes. While you’re cooking, it’s really easy to check what’s happening to your food, and that’s thanks to this window.
  • Anticipating all the functions you need it for, Black + Decker made sure that this oven is equipped with all the pans you need. The toaster rack is included, and it also comes with a bake/broiler pan that fits perfectly in the toaster, making it very easy to insert as well as remove the food.


  • Handle has a tendency to become really hot 
    • You must be extra careful when using this toaster, especially if there are children in your home. That’s because the handle can get really hot, and the last thing you want is to be burning yourself with a toaster.
  • It doesn’t have the same functions as a convection toaster
    • This is a regular oven toaster, so don’t expect it to have the fan-forced heat that’s circulated evenly, as in a convection toaster.

Comparison to Similar Products

The Black+Decker TO1313SBD 4 Slice Toaster Oven is comparable to one of Black + Decker’s other bestsellers, the TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven. Similar in price and capacity, the difference is that the O1303SB measures 15.5 x 10 x 8.4 inches and is a bit lighter. Both come with the same EvenToast technology and have the same four pre-set functions, and only vary slightly in size.

If you want something slightly larger, you can go for another Black and Decker favorite, the CTO6335S 6-Slice Digital Convection Countertop Toaster Oven. Aside from being bigger in size, this one’s a convection type.

The Verdict

For a compact 4 slice toaster oven, the TO1313SBD by Black and Decker is a solid choice. Not everyone needs a large capacity when it comes to their toasters, so if you want something pretty basic that can surely fit in your countertop, this option is ideal for you.

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