Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven Review 

Product Name:Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven
Dimensions (WxDxH):17 x 13.5 x 9
Capacity (Slices):4
Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven Review 
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If you’ve been contemplating about something small and elegant for your cooking delight, then a toaster oven might be quite a good choice. Toaster ovens are designed for counter-tops. They are compact and do not take much space. However, choosing the right toaster oven could be more difficult than you think. Hundreds of toaster oven models are sold in the market with substantial promised features and convenience. One good toaster oven you should consider is the Black+Decker Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven.

Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven

The Black+Decker toaster oven can be used to make food, plus it is made with added features and unique design. As conventional as ovens can be, they can prepare food without wasting gas or using too much cookware.

But of course, just as the moon has a dark side so does the Black+Decker TROS1000D. Below, we will discuss the main pros and cons of this aesthetic device.

Is Black+Decker TROS1000D a Good Choice?

The Black+Decker TROS1000D is unique in various ways. The main function of toaster oven is to heat food, but not with Black+Decker TROS1000D. It comes with some unique features:


  • The Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven itself announces its pride. It is a Space Maker—a device that saves much space for the minimalists. If counter-top space seems scanty, Black+Decker TROS1000D can be installed under the cabinet.
  • It does not require complex installation.
  • It has digital controls. No more bending over to see the thermostat.
  • Touch-control panel with LCD Display for more intuitively modern design and easy to manage controls.
  • Three functions that act as quick buttons for common oven usage (baking, toasting or keeping warm).
  • Temperature range from 200 Degrees F to 400 Degrees F, with toast settings from 1 to 7 giving you enough preferences for your cooking needs.
  • The Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker has a special outlet to let you plug other Space Maker appliances.
  • Measures 13.5 inches by 17 inches by 9 inches only.
  • Dedicated 30-minute timer set button for all-purpose oven heating with just one tap.
  • Spacious interior that could fit a 9-inch pizza, equivalent to 4 slices of bread.
  • With adjustable timer setting and heat setting, you can bake or heat batches of munchkins, cookies and biscuits.

While Black+Decker TROS1000D has several functional features, it also has some potential downfalls you should be aware of:


  • The rack is high and close to the top heating bar. It can easily burn bakes and heated food.
  • The prompter beep is difficult to hear because of defaulted low volume.
  • LCD Display does not have screen-out time; appliance will continue to consume electricity if left plugged in.
  • Button design is quite confusing and may not be profoundly intuitive.
  • Oven time limit is only 30-minutes maximum. If you want 60-minutes oven time you may need to set it twice.
  • Does not come with baking tray and pull out crumb tray.
  • Oven door has one hinge only on one side. Opening the door may dump all contents.
  • DIY installation may not be a good option. Promised easy installation may not be easy for non-handy people.
  • The under-the-cabinet feature may still cause the oven to fall off and may cause injury.
  • Appliance price is quite a little bit expensive than other brands with similar features.
  • Installation materials do not instinctively fit – bolts are too short.
  • Under the cabinet feature is more suitable for cabinets mounted higher than usual. Otherwise, mounting the oven under the cabinet will give you less space above the counter-top.


The Black+Decker TROS1000D Space Maker Digital Oven Toaster has a unique design and upgraded controls. It has added features which claim to give more user convenience, however, the price is quite expensive compared to other brands with the same features.

Black+Decker has several toaster ovens you can opt for. The BLACK+DECKER TO3210SSD is a countertop oven with good heating features. It has thermostats for heating control and does not have an LCD display.

While the BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S is one of the Black+Decker’s bestselling toaster ovens, it doesn’t have an under-the-cabinet feature, but it heats well and it is more user-friendly.


The features of the Black+Decker TROS1000D are somewhat similar to other models and brands. The control panels should have been made better and more intuitive. The installation easy should be easier and there should be a more easy-to-understand manual with DIY installers in mind.

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