Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven Review

Product Name:Easy Reach Oven
Brand:Hamilton Beach
Dimensions (WxDxH):19.8 x 16.8 x 10.8
Capacity (Slices):6
Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven Review
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If you are looking for a toast oven that will help to save space in your kitchen but big enough to give you the flexibility to cook whatever you need, you can turn to the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven. To get an idea of the size of this oven, you can put in half a dozen slices of bread in it. A 12-inch pizza will fit comfortably inside the oven.

The door, which follows the shape of the oven is designed for a kitchen where all the available space is needed. It is also made so that you can see what is happening in the oven and the stuff inside is easily accessible.

The oven gives you different options which include toasting, broiling, and baking. The convection technology is the reason why this oven is efficient.

You get the same temperature across the oven as the heat emanating from the bottom and top element is evenly distributed across the oven. This ensures that the food you cook is cooked evenly. The parts of the oven can easily be removed and washed in soapy water. Check out for the baking tray which comes with this oven.


The reason why the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven is one of the best in the market this year has everything to do with its main features. We looked at what this oven offers the user and discovered some pretty cool features that we hope you too will love. It is extremely important to carefully study the features of a product before you but it.

  • Designed to fit 12-inch pizza inside and up to six slices of bread
  • Access to the oven is made easy by a door that rolls up, the door also ensures that you can easily see what is happening inside the oven
  • The main settings are bake, broil, and toast
  • Designed to take a baking pan the size of 9” by 11”
  • A crumb tray that you can easily remove is included


  • You can use the product with a peace of mind as it is built to American Electrical Standards
  • The oven is designed so that your food is accessible through a door that you can roll up
  • The roll up door ensures that you do not need extra space to open the door


  • Like all conventional ovens, the outside tends to get hot, you will have to be careful when using it
  • The convection fan can be a bit loud you may end up thinking that something is wrong when in actual fact everything is going well


The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven gives you many baking options, thanks to the convection technology. The two elements, one at the top and another at the bottom, are assisted by a fan that helps to distribute heat so that the food does not have spaces that are well cooked and others that are not cooked properly.

You can select whether you want to bake the traditional way which produces your soft baked goods, or convection baking which makes such foods as pizzas.

The controls of this oven are intuitive, which ensures that your brand new oven is easy to use. The first dial on top will allow you to control the temperature which ranges between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The mid knob gives you the ability to choose the function such as baking or broiling.

The bottom one is your timer which allows you to monitor your cooking. This oven is a lot bigger than others in its class because it comes with a large capacity.

If you look at this toast oven closely, it is easy to realize that it is manufactured to make sure that you can access your food easily. Like all ovens like this one, you can expect some heat on the outer surface.


We always think that it is a good idea to compare a product we review with others in its class no matter how great we think it is. We identified the BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven.

This one comes at a lower price but we also noticed that it is smaller too. It also will only take a 9” pizza where the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven will take 12”. We also still think that the innovative door of the Hamilton Beach oven, is the better one.

You can also look at the Westinghouse Select Series WTO1010B 4 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven which comes with just two control knobs where the Hamilton Beach Oven has three.

It is also slightly expensive when you compare the two even though we could not find a lot of features on it that could easily make it better than the Hamilton Beach oven. The Westinghouse Select Series WTO1010B also gives you a number of choices including toasting, baking, and broiling. It takes just four slices at a time.


We love products such as the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven. The features of this oven indicate that the manufacturers understand that many people who opt for this kind of oven care about their space. This is why the design is in such a way that the door does not get in the way of anything.

We recommend this toaster oven because it mixes good looks with practicality. The dials make it easy to use and allow you the flexibility every cook needs in the kitchen.

We recommend this product because we identified a number of pros in it that we also believe you too will like. Some of these include quick toasting and broiling. Even though we admit that the oven can get hot, the handle remains cool and comfortable to handle.

Added to a wide door that allows you to see clearly what is happening inside the oven is a light that is bright enough inside the oven. When you look at some of its cons like the heating that happens on the outer shell of the oven and a convection fan that is a little loud, you will agree with us that these can’t be deal breakers.

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