Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 Toaster Oven Review

Product Name:Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722
Brand:Hamilton Beach
Dimensions (WxDxH):17.5 x 10 x 10
Capacity (Slices):2
Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 Toaster Oven Review
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Most people love one thing: food. Food is one of the most essential things that makes everyone happy. Whether you’re a cook or just a regular eater, you want to know how your food is cooked and which kitchen appliance is used.

Toaster ovens are a perfect choice of appliance for cooking several foods and quick snacks. They have a wide range of functions that help a lot of busy-doers and multitaskers. Many people prefer buying multifunctional items for financial practicality. Prudently, it is wise to do the same when buying toaster ovens. It is best not to just stick with one function, but to use  an oven with usability and uncompromised durability.

Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 toaster oven is not your ordinary traditional oven. It is manufactured with a unique design and exceptional features. This toaster oven has some secrets that may make you want to buy it.

Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 Toaster Oven

Several toaster ovens are sold in the market with different features and distinctive designs. The three factors everyone should keep in mind when buying items are: quality, functionality, and affordability. As you read further, we will find out if Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven has all the factors mentioned.


Hamilton Beach is a reputable brand of home and kitchen appliances. The brand name itself guarantees top quality products that shoppers can rely on. All parts and accessories are made of premium materials that passed quality check bureaus; and the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven proves to have excellent quality.


The Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 toaster oven is not just an oven – it has a 2 slice toaster above. That means, you can have the performance of an oven and the convenience of a toaster in one package.


All Hamilton Beach products have reasonable prices. Of course, high priced items are expected to give excellent quality and functionality. Low and average priced items comprehensively give satisfying functions you may want to upgrade.

Secrets of Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 Toaster Oven:

Hamilton Beach products have been bought by thousands of customers because of their technologically beautiful features and aesthetic exteriors. Here are some of the Hamilton Beach Oven Toaster 22722 features you will love.


  • The Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722  toaster oven is a two performance in one appliance: an oven and a 2 slice toaster.
  • Saves more space on countertops.
  • The product dimensions are 8.86 inches (H) by 16.22 inches (W) by 8.46 inches (D) only. The design is compact and not too bulky.
  • The toaster toasts 30% faster and more efficient than most leading toaster ovens.
  • The 2 slice toaster slots are wide enough to accommodate wide slices of bread.
  • It has toast shade selector you can adjust according to your preferences.
  • It has a wide interior space that allows you to cook pizza, several breads and a batch of cookies and munchies.
  • Aesthetic exterior finish for more modern feel that can match your kitchen theme.
  • Intuitive controls you can easily adjust according to your preferred heat level and time.
  • The oven mode and toaster mode can easily be chosen with its easy-to-slide selector knob.
  • Comes with tongs, bake pan, and oven rack.


  • Limited choice of exterior design and color.
  • The wide slice toasters could be too wide; toasts may fall through or get stuck.
  • Does not have a crumb tray, so cleaning the inside may be difficult and complex.
  • The bread lifter is not too stable, causing toasts to fall through


The Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 toaster oven has an excellent concept and unique features. You can prepare different meals using only one appliance. Why use a conventional oven and a separate toaster when you can have both in the same appliance?

Having a toaster and an oven at the same time is good thinking. With this you can oven-roast chicken breast, then heat slices of bell peppers and pieces of ham with cheese on top, after which you can toast two slices of bread. Viola! A quick chicken sandwich for you!

Possible Alternatives

Hamilton Beach has a wide range of toaster ovens available in stock. If you want a wider toaster oven with the same 2-in-1 feature, you can choose the Hamilton Beach Toastation 22708. It can accommodate more breads and it has wider interior space. It also comes with crumb tray for more convenience in cleaning the falling crumbs. It has more intuitive controls and more modern look with its stainless finish.


Hamilton Beach Toastation 22722 Toaster Oven is an impressive appliance that works as an oven and a toaster. The conventional design of it takes less space than having a separate traditional oven and a toaster. The product is not too cheap, but not too expensive. The price is reasonable for its qualities.

For budget concerned shoppers, this appliance is ideal, but if budget is not an issue, it may be best suggested to opt for the more upgraded versions of this appliance.

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