Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Toaster Oven

Product Name:Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Series
Dimensions (WxDxH):15.5 x 19 x 10.8
Capacity (Slices):6
Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Toaster Oven
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Thousands of toaster oven brands compete in the market and picking the right toaster oven is arduous. One thing to avoid in purchasing is the trial-and-error method. You don’t want to spend money just to end up frustrated, right?

Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED is one of the popular toaster ovens sold on Amazon. The product brand, Nostalgia, is reputable for manufacturing and retailing high quality home and kitchen appliances.

Some common errors in purchasing a toaster oven include failure to check product inclusions and quality. Of course, you wouldn’t know how good the quality is unless you buy it, but another option – and apparently, the best thing to do – is to read product reviews.

Below we will have a closer look at Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Convection Toaster Oven to see if it can be the best toaster oven for you.

Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED Convection Toaster Oven


If your kitchen theme is somewhat retro, old-fashioned or relatively similar with the 50s, then a good choice of appliance and utensil are those with a post-modern look.

When it comes to toaster ovens, the Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED is one of the best to have. It has several features you will love from aesthetic to function. It is a double decked toaster oven with easy to use controls for heat level preferences. It also has a crumb tray for added cleaning convenience.

The toaster oven works with 1500 watts. It is perfect for heating leftovers, toasting several breads, baking cookies, or cooking dishes. The retro look is perfect for a nostalgic appearance.

The dimensions of Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED Toaster Oven are (L) 19 inches by (W) 15.4 inches by (H) 10.8 inches and weighs 15.6 lbs. The product also bears the ETL Mark and received CETL® Certification (Certified Education Technology Leader) that proves the excellent electrical quality of the product.

It has four heat selectors, a feature that will allow you to heat the selected heating bar. If you want your bread toasted on only one side, then you can select the lower heating mode. Need to melt cheese on top without toasting the other part? Select the upper heating. The upper and lower heating will ensure your meal will get fully cooked from inside to outside. Yum!


  • Beautiful exterior design with a retro look for archaic feeling that can match up any kitchen theme
  • Excellent cooking quality with easy to toggle thermostats and timer
  • Multiple heating functions: baking, toast, convection bake and broil options
  • Adjustable heat from 200-degree F up to 450-degree F
  • Timer can be set up to 60 minutes with a loud bell ring
  • Oven door made of high-temperature resistant glass that guarantees safety when peeking
  • Comes with a power light indicator
  • Can accommodate two 12” pizzas or equivalent to 6 slices of toasts
  • Four heating selectors: upper heating, lower heating, upper and lower heating and off
  • Toaster oven comes with non-stick aluminum baking pan and two nickel-plated racks
  • Cooks faster than other toaster ovens
  • Firm and stylish handle


  • Only comes in retro red color
  • Writings are not in white, but in grey color. Users that can hardly see may have trouble reading marks and figures
  • Toaster oven is quite big and takes much kitchen space
  • Runs with 1500 Watts, not recommended to use for long periods of time if you are well concerned with electric use


Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED Convection Toaster Oven is one of the best toaster ovens when it comes to aesthetic and quality. This toaster oven can give a whimsical look to your retro-style kitchen. The oven can heat several foods. If you are a pizza lover, then this oven will cook you not just one, but two 12” pizzas!

The toaster oven is easy to clean on the outside and on the inside. With the crumb tray, cleaning will be an easy-peasy task. Though this convection toaster oven takes much space, the stylish look will tolerate the odd.

Possible Alternatives

Toaster ovens are for baking, heating, and cooking batches of meals. But if you are looking for a toaster oven with several features, the Nostalgia ‘50s-Style 3-in-1 Breakfast Station™ with retro look is the best option. It comes in colors ruby red and cyan. It’s not just an oven toaster, it has coffeemaker and grilling station in one package. Multitaskers will surely like the time saving concept of the Nostalgia 3-in-1 Breakfast Station™.


Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED Convection toaster oven guarantees unique aesthetic design and amazing heating features that is perfect for cooking and heating various meals and healthy snacks. The price is high – somewhat understandable because of the oven’s excellent quality and exterior.

Overall, the cooking quality and exterior look of Nostalgia RTOV200RETRORED is something every owner can be proud of.

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